Pig Production


Yorkwold Pigpro is one of the most progressive pig production businesses in the UK, with 8,000 breeding sows housed across 13 breeding farms. These sows are split across the following categories:


Nucleus Sows:               200
Multiplication Sows:    700
Commercial Sows:       7,100


This closed breeding pyramid produces all of our own replacement breeding stock. The genetic pool originates from PIC, the leading global pig genetics Company, who we work closely with to ensure continued genetic improvement from one generation to the next. The commercial sow herd is split between Breeder/Feeder Units that sell slaughter weight pigs and sow herds that are classified as Breeder/Weaner Units that produce 40kg pigs that are transferred to Finishing Units.


Most of our Finishing Units are recent additions to the business and are on 3rd party arable farms. On these farms our arable farming partners have invested in modern pig finishing accommodation and are looking after our pigs on our behalf on a contract or B&B basis. The commercial herd supplies 190,000 pigs per year to our long standing customers.


Continuous improvement of our practices and our facilities is key to the strength and future prosperity of the business as we aim to supply our customers with the quality of pigs that they require, produced in a way that is sustainable and meeting the expectations of our ultimate customer, the British shopper. These principals ensure that the conditions on our farms are of the highest standard and enable our Company priority of creating a working environment that is great for our people that allows them in turn to take great care of our pigs.

Our Vision:

“To be the industry leader in UK pig production.”


Mission Statement:

“To supply the highest quality pigs for our customers in a way that is respectful to animal welfare, the environment and our local community by continually updating and improving our facilities, systems and practices for the benefit of our pigs and our people.”


Core Values:

• Safety (Our people are our greatest asset)
• Integrity (Our customers can trust us)
• Partnership (Working in unison with all of our stakeholders)
• Excellence (Always striving to do things better)


Develop and reward our people:

The quality of our people has long been recognised as our key strength. Committing to training, motivating and rewarding our people will enable us to attract and retain quality people that ensure the future prosperity of the business.

Develop and maintain our facilities:

To maintain existing, redevelop old and attract new facilities is at the heart of how we produce pigs and the future strength of the business.

the brand:

To promote the business to attract new staff, partners, suppliers and customers and to engage with the local community.

Operational and productive efficiency:

To invest in people, facilities, technology and processes so that we maximise our return from all of our assets.


To be at the forefront of industry information and have the opportunity to influence policies that will affect our business.


Achieving our strategic goals must not be done at the expense of financial discipline as we believe that only a financially strong business will be able to achieve its strategic goals over an extended time period.

Are you a farmer interested in investing in modern pig finishing accommodation to look after our pigs on a contract basis?


If so, please contact Joe Dewhirst or Robert Beckett on 01377 252662 for further information.

Contract Finishing


The Yorkwold business model is based on our sow herds producing 40kg pigs that are transferred off site for further finishing on modern, purpose built Finishing Units. Some of these Finishing Units are owned and managed ourselves, but the majority are owned and managed by 3rd parties, who have invested in new finishing accommodation on our behalf. These farmers are Yorkwold’s valued partners and are an integral part of the production system that we are proud of.


We are able to offer long term contracts to our farming partners because we have an efficient, modern production system that is valued by our suppliers and our customers. In turn this enables us to operate long term, sustainable contracts with both our suppliers and customers that strengthens our business model and in turn enables us to offer long term contracts to our 3rd party contract finishers.

These contracts offer a secure payback on the investment and access to a valuable natural fertiliser for their arable land in the form of pig slurry. We have many local farming partners that finish our pigs for us on contract finishing agreements.


We are currently looking for farming partners who are interested in investing in modern pig finishing accommodation to look after our pigs on a contract basis.


Please contact Joe Dewhirst or Robert Beckett on 01377 252662 for further information.

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