E. Reed & Son is the original farming partnership set up in 1963 by Ernie Reed and his daughter Hazel Dewhirst. This arable farming business is now owned and managed by the Dewhirst family and operates over 2,000 acres of family owned land.


Crops grown include wheat, barley and oilseed rape for the animal feed industry, vining peas for Birds Eye, high quality pre-pack potatoes for the leading UK retailers and maize and hybrid rye for our anaerobic digester.


The arable land sits proudly on the Yorkshire Wolds and benefits from excellent free draining soils that produces quality produce on a consistent basis. Modern grain and potato storage at Field House Farm ensures crop quality is maintained before delivery to our customers.


Arable farming is at the core of everything that we do, providing a stable and sustainable farming base that has allowed the other farming enterprises to exist. The growth of the arable acreage has been gradual and in parallel with the growth of the diversified group of farming businesses. The business benefits from a symbiotic cycle in which crops are grown to feed the pigs, the chickens and the anaerobic digester, whilst in turn manures from the pigs and chickens and digestate from the anaerobic digester provide a valuable natural fertiliser for the arable land.


A team of 4 full time people carry out the operations on the farm, and are supported during the busy times by regular seasonal staff.

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