The Dewhirst Farming Group employs over 100 people across the businesses, with a diverse mix of arable, pig and egg production, anaerobic digestion and head office.


We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset and that developing and rewarding our staff is key to a happy, settled and motivated workforce. The success of these principals is evident in the many long standing employees who are still working with us having often spent their whole career at the Dewhirst Farming Group in one or more of the Group businesses.


We believe in promoting from within where possible and so there is plenty of scope for career development at the Dewhirst Farming Group.

We often have vacancies coming available within the group and so if there are none shown on the vacancies page please still contact us to enquire about available positions.

‘We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset and that developing and rewarding our staff is key to a happy, settled and motivated workforce’.


AD Plant Operator

Job as AD Plant Operator starting June 2019.



Email us at for an application form


Developing and rewarding our people is a key strategy of the business, because we know that a well-trained, happy and motivated workforce is great for our people and the business too. Investment in training programs, using both internal and external resources, is targeted to encourage everyone to be the best that they can be and to enable those with ambitious characters to advance their career with Yorkwold. Personal Development Reviews are carried out annually to track progress and target personal development goals.


Pig Production Training (PPT)

A training package known as Pig Production Training was purchased by the business in 2010. This is an industry leading program, comprising a detailed range of training programs for the pig industry and is used by production systems that account for 500,000 sows globally.The modules are delivered by our experienced unit managers to ensure continuous professional development of all of our people and ensure a consistent approach to training and development throughout the business.


Bespoke Management Training

It is our desire to always promote from within the business and thus recognise the importance of management training for all who aspire to further their career with Yorkwold. We run bespoke management training courses with an external provider for “managers of the future”, which is very well received, and not only provides excellent development opportunities for our people, but also a great platform for people from different departments to get to know one another.

Regulatory Training

The regulatory side of the business is very important to Yorkwold and we take our corporate and social responsibility as well as the health and safety of our people very seriously. Training relating to Health & Safety and Animal Welfare are high on our agenda and routine training is given to all staff by external professionals.